Monday, 8 October 2012

Bye bye baby.....

So she's gone! A nice chap called Graham came and bought her today :-( and took her away.
Its been a fantastice experience building a car from scratch and I have loved every minute. Hope to see her again some time at the shows and hear that fantastic exhaust note again.
Enjoy it Graham and take good care of her. Thanks to all who have followed my blog and sent so many cool messages........... I WILL BE BACK........

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Tick tock, tick tock

Nothing happened but Ive nearly finished all domestic tasks since moving in so not too much longer I hope. The benefit will be a quicker test date for the IVA out of the summer months!............

Friday, 6 July 2012


I had another rolling road booked and this time I got let down by a guy with a car transporter! Things aren't moving on but at least the weathers crap! Silver stone this weekend and then back at it with vigour!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Rolling Road cancelled!

Well the RR I had booked for this Saturday called to say they had forgotten that they were actually racing this weekend and so would not be able to carry out the work on the car! Grrrrreat! I have however now finally got the bonnet vent properly sorted and the Dominator lights fitted and aligned(ish)

Luckily for me this weather has been the way it has otherwise I would literally be climbing the walls with this sat in the garage and so nearly on the road.

Monday, 30 April 2012

IVA Front lighting & Catch tank

I was going to wait 'til after IVA to fit the Dominator headlamps as I was concerned the beam pattern wouldnt pass IVA or MOT standards but having heard from a guy on SKCC that hes just passed IVA with them and at the same station I am going to so I decided to crack on. The dominators are smaller and more modern which suits the finish of my car. They are also much more streamlined than the old 'air brakes'.....

The wiring on the back is quite simple, sidelight can be wired either way and the headlight is black - earth, white - dip and yellow main beam.

The lamps also need a minor mod to create a 15 degree kick up on the beam pattern. To achieve this you need to dismantle the light unit....

Above you should be able to see a small cut out in the mounting rim.....

You then need to file another one approx 13mm to the right (when viewed from the front of the car)


Then reassemble and voila! 15 degrees of left kick up!

I also fitted a different catch tank, the last one was cylindrical and didnt fit so well. I now have a square one. I have run the crank case breather straight to the tank with a filter and have fitted a seperate filter to the camshaft breather, only because I had two smart filters otherwise I would have run both to the tank on a T-piece.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Twiddling my thumbs.........

Whislt waiting for IVA and rolling road Ive been spending my time reading peoples fail sheets and making necessary adjustments, so thank you to the guys who have been honest enough to post their fails/advisories. I also decided to start work on some of the jobs that I had done that needed correction but was going to leave  'til IVA was done.

Those that have followed this blog will know I have worked on the bonnet scoop on 3 seperate occasions and still was not happy with it. The problem was that the inside edge of the scoop I had only had a bout 4-5 mm surface to bond to the bonnet and with all the best will in the world there seemed to be no clean and tidy way of achieving a smart fit.

I got inspiration from a mates 4X4 when I clocked the size of the scoop on it and knew it was just that little bit bigger than the one I'd fitted and it also came with bolt fixings. So off to ebay I went.

I removed the old one by cutting with a scalpel through the Tiger Seal.....

Below is the new one laid on for size. Unfortunately the width of the hole in the bonnet just allows the four side bolts to slip through so I'll be making two stainless braces to cross the whole then the bolts can pass through and tighten the vent to the bonnet....

The front bolt has been cut off as there is a large flat area which offers a great opportunity to bond it firmly to the bonnet. This was clamped in place and then raised (heater helped) to take up some of the sag that wont be there when the bonnet is fitted....

Now if this doesnt work its new bonnet time or an even bigger vent lol

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Dettling 2012

Popped down to Dettling show today and I have to be honest if it wasnt for Southern Kit Car Club there wouldve been nothing to see. Good turn out by SKCC and Im glad its my local club....

The SKCC stand was definitely the one with most attendance and made the trip worth it,

Above Tony B's Zero looking great as ever! But my favourite has to be Lindas Tiger in Gulf livery, this photo doesnt really do it justice as the livery is soooo well done with authentic race decals taken from Steve McQueens Porsche in 'Le Mans'